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Every ARIA Top 100 Single in 1993


  1. Audio and ratings have been added for Baby it's You by Teen Queens. :)

  2. Audio and ratings have been added for This Town by Reckless Hearts and Joseph Mega-Mix by David Dixon and The Australian Cast of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat". :)

  3. Audio has been updated for Joseph Mega-Mix by David Dixon and The Australian Cast of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat". :)

  4. i thought slam by onyx would have made the 1993 chart

  5. Audio has been updated for This Town by Reckless Hearts. :)

  6. did you research a book Australian Chart Book 1970 - 1992....this lists all Australian top 100hits listing Song, Artist, Year and position reached...I created my own charts from this book, but found it more difficult for Aus listings outside these years.....

  7. Hi Ray, yes, the chart data for 1970-1988 on my site is from that book. Author David Kent also released a follow-up chart book for 1993-2006 (which was later revised to cover 1993-2009) but that is AMR data which was no longer official. My site's 1988-2008 chart data came from Gavin Ryan's ARIA Singles Chart Book 1988-2008.

  8. Audio and ratings have been added for She Sells Sanctuary (Dog Star Radio Mix) by The Cult. :)

  9. Hi, I have a question. Your website above shows both of the Nirvana songs All Apologies and Rape Me charting at number 58 which makes sense because they were a double A-side. However, I have seen a scan of the ARIA report from 1993 and it only accredits All Apologies on the chart, seeming to ignore the double A-side format. So I was just wondering if you knew of an official source that also showed the other A-side Rape Me on the chart as well ? Thanks.

  10. Hi Mike, it's not uncommon for ARIA to (knowingly or unknowingly) fail to acknowledge the AA-side of a double A-side single. All Apologies / Rape Me was definitely released worldwide as such. The Australian CD single's front and back cover plus the CD itself indicate that it's a double A-side single...


    The problem isn't limited to titles of singles either. ARIA, to this day, occasionally fail to accredit guest artists. This week's #42 single (Mood Swings) should be by Pop Smoke feat. Lil Tjay, but it only mentions Pop Smoke.

    1. Hi Grant, yes I am aware of all that, but what I wanted to know is if any of the sources, such as Gavin Ryan's book (1988-200) actually show Rape Me as being in the chart ?

    2. None that I'm aware of. It got to #49 on the AMR Top 100 Singles chart too and wasn't accredited there either.

    3. Hi Grant, sorry I don't mean to go on but it could help with my research. I was just wondering if the book had given you the impetus to list the two songs separately as both being on the chart, or if this had come from your own research into the release ? I would like to get a copy of Gavin Ryan's 1988-2008 book but apparently it is indefinitely sold out. Thanks.

    4. Gavin's chart books don't mention Rape Me. It's all from my research, which I do for each and every single that gets streaming audio added to the site. Gavin plans to release a new chart book in 2021 and revise all of his old chart books. I believe there will be physical and digital copies for sale then. :)

  11. Great website you have there. It's been invaluable to me, getting some Spotify Playlists updated. Love It !!

  12. in honor of meatloaf can you please add the long version of i would do anything for love the 12.00 version which is the full version

    1. Hi, I always try to put the version of a song that radio would play, which is sometimes an edit or remix. The radio edit of that song is a whopping 5:40 long as it is.